Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Randy Report: Eartha Kitt on life

I met the great Ms. Eartha Kitt and saw her perform.  We should all be so focused and driven - in the very best...(read more)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Simply Eartha: A Mother's Love

Since my mother died, Mother's Day has been filled with mixed emotions, celebrating my life as a mother while longing for my own.  

The greatest gift my mother gave me was knowing that she always loved me. All the more remarkable, because as a child, love was something she never had. Sometimes, I felt that she loved me too much, but now as a parent I'm not sure you can ever love a child too much. My mother certainly didn't think you could.

As I continue to sort through the piles of her handwritten pages, I often stumble upon thoughts she wrote about and to, me. Some are uncomfortable to read, but all are filled with her love. On this Mother's Day, I share one with you.

My daughter
Mirrors cannot hold the image of you I hold in my eyes
I will bring the skies down to earth for you
The feelings I have for you are etched upon my heart and soul.

My mother's love is forever etched in ME.

What We Remember, What We Treasure, What We Love..... Simply Eartha