Sunday, May 13, 2012

Simply Eartha: A Mother's Love

Since my mother died, Mother's Day has been filled with mixed emotions, celebrating my life as a mother while longing for my own.  

The greatest gift my mother gave me was knowing that she always loved me. All the more remarkable, because as a child, love was something she never had. Sometimes, I felt that she loved me too much, but now as a parent I'm not sure you can ever love a child too much. My mother certainly didn't think you could.

As I continue to sort through the piles of her handwritten pages, I often stumble upon thoughts she wrote about and to, me. Some are uncomfortable to read, but all are filled with her love. On this Mother's Day, I share one with you.

My daughter
Mirrors cannot hold the image of you I hold in my eyes
I will bring the skies down to earth for you
The feelings I have for you are etched upon my heart and soul.

My mother's love is forever etched in ME.

What We Remember, What We Treasure, What We Love..... Simply Eartha



  1. Beautiful. Although I could never love or know Eartha the way you have, I can only imagine the way she affected your life.

    Happy Mother's Day, Kitt.

  2. Beautiful, thank you for sharing

  3. I have always loved her (your mom) from afar. Please keep sharing. I was just thinking of her today I don't know why.

  4. I would have been so honored to have known her...the closest I got was seeing her in Timbuktu (if I'm not mistaken, that was 1977) and she was amazing!

  5. Hi Kitt;
    Just joined your blog too. I really relate about feeling you were loved too much. Only after my mother passed did I realize the incredible gift her love for her children was. Just finishing my first mother's day without her, and coming upon the first aniversary of her passing, you have inspired me. When I was sorting through her things, I jealously grab up all her writings. I have been looking for a meaningful summer project.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I really needed that!


  6. I was a child sometime in the late 1950s when I saw this dramatic elegant woman with I think they were poodles coming down the main street in Sausalito. Someone said that's Eartha Kitt. Thanks for sharing her life.