Thursday, March 1, 2012

Down To Eartha

Many people don't realize how 'simply' my mother lived. Even living in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA, my mother was true to her name (Yes, Eartha was her given name) and we had chickens, roosters and a vegetable garden. Now remember, this was in the 1960's, way before it was 'chic', 'cool' or 'in style' to grow your own food. My mother was the original 'Beverly Hillbilly'.

Watch this blog for more stories and anecdotes about how my mother was simply....eartha.


  1. Thats why I loved her so much..., her simpleness!

  2. It is almost impossible describing the many sides of Eartha...She has so many.
    She was an incredible woman, a great human being and on top of that a one-in-a-lifetime-performer. I hope she will be remembered for that. As for ME: I liked both Eartha Mae AND Eartha Kitt ...

  3. I love everything about Eartha, ever since I was a child. What a wonderful daughter she has & what a nice job you've done on the web to share your mom with everyone. Much Thanks Kitt~Susan Brooks

  4. I just recently discovered who Eartha Kitt is. I have always heard the Santa Baby song but never her version and I must say I wish I knew of her sooner. I googled her interview and immediately I was struck by her honesty and sureness of herself. It's rare to see such honesty on TV so immediately I scavenged youtube for her interviews and I have seen all that I could find. I wish there was more and I'm glad to have found your blog. Your mom was a wise woman and genuine soul it comes across with no effort. How blessed you are to have had her as your mother and from the interviews it is evident she loved you dearly and she surely was blessed to have you as her daughter. Thank you for allowing us a deeper glimpse into a life so deep.

  5. I loved reading Eartha's autobiography. She was/is a rare individual who had the strength and conviction to challenge received "wisdom" about the personal and the political. As you point out, Eartha's views, particularly on health, were way ahead of her time and still relevant today. Hopefully, young people will be turned on by Eartha Kitt's legacy to be healthier and live authenticly.

  6. Kitt, I genuinely appreciate the time, care, sensitivity and love you've put into your blog on the history of Eartha Kitt and who she was to you; how it was to be so loved by Eartha Kitt. It is so rewarding to gain an understanding of how much person she was beyond the "femme fatale" the world came to know. Her simplicity of thought and deed makes me wonder if she was a Buddhist at heart. Thanks for the opportunity to understand so much about a woman I grew to love; a woman who was more and gave more than I could have ever possibly imagined. I've always felt that I wanted to be like her when I grew up. Initially that was based on who she was as a performer, but through you I get to understand more about who she was as a human being which is far more enduring, present, transparent and rewarding. Many thanks.